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I’m Elizabeth Jolly, and I write flute arrangements for musicians who want the fun of playing with others without needing a pianist or ensemble to accompany them!

“I’m not in an orchestra, so I’ll never get to play all that fun music.”

“I want to accompany my students, but I’m a flutist, not a pianist!”

“My upcoming concerts are outdoors, how do I play my flute repertoire with no piano or sound system?”

No orchestra?

No piano?

No problem!

From the time I started playing the flute in sixth grade, I’ve always wanted to play with other people. In school I was the queen of the band nerds, learned more instruments so I could play in jazz band, and then when I ran out of bands on campus I joined a couple choirs! I didn’t care what kind of music it was, as long as I was hanging out with my people playing something... I was thrilled. 

 I got to college and the bands got better, I discovered the world of orchestra, and I got to spend even more time playing with my friends. I learned more about the solo flute repertoire and got to play it with brilliant accompanists. I was in heaven!

Fast forward to now:

I’m not a superstar touring soloist, and I don’t have a sweet full-time symphony job. Does that mean I can’t play all that fun music anymore? 

I teach my students about all these great pieces, but I’m an awful pianist. Does that mean my students don’t get to learn how to play with accompaniment? 

And maybe you’ve even thought something similar?

No way.

I’ve distilled all those complicated piano parts for solo music into flute parts that include all the important stuff but are still playable by an actual human flutist. If orchestral music is more your style, I’ve created duet (and trio and quartet!) versions of favorite pieces that are fun to play and fun for audiences to listen to!

Are you sick of having your students practice all those awesome orchestral excerpts but having no clue what the heck is going on in the rest of the orchestra? Do you wish you had a way to play all those piano accompaniments that are just as hard as the solo part? Or maybe you're just looking for something fun and different to play? I'm here for you!

I’m happy you’ve stopped by - I can’t wait to help you find something fun to play!

  • I love fiber crafts of all kinds - knittting, cross stitch, sewing, you name it. I’m so obsessed that I knitted the lace fabric and then sewed my own wedding dress!

  • This is my boss, Stella. She's enjoying her retirement from racing and would like you to rub her tummy. Don’t be surprised if you see or hear her during a Zoom lesson!

  • You’ll never see me without nail polish. If it’s purple, sparkly, or fancy and festive for the holidays, even better!

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