Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 16

Back to Andersen! This one was not nearly as tricky as the last few have been. It was a good challenge in not getting stuck in a pattern – there are lots of chromatic scale bits, but just enough not-chromatic bits that I really had to pay attention. I also liked getting a bit of double tonguing practice in, I’ve been neglecting that part of my playing a bit too much these days!

This book only has ten etudes left, so I hope to power through and get to my next etude selection soon!

Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 7

Another Monday and another late Etude of the Week post – I promise, this week I will finally get my act together and finish on time!

Number 7 in D Major was really fun to play and felt quite operatic to me. There were a couple of note flubs, but otherwise I’m fairly happy with this one. I still need to practice more with the foot pedal so my page turns don’t throw me off!

See you tomorrow for another Andersen etude!

Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op 37 – No. 15

Happy Friday! Here’s Andersen Op. 37 No. 15, a very flutey sort of etude! I did my best to make this one sound light and birdlike, but by the middle of this recording my flute felt like it was about to slide right out of my hands because it’s so warm today. Summer is nice, but I’m looking forward to cooler weather so it’s easier to play!

See you soon for some weekend etudes!

Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 14

Yowza. I don’t think I’ve even been this happy to finish an etude!

Number 14 looked like it was pretty manageable, but oh boy did D-sharp minor kick my butt! I had the hardest time wrapping my brain around the key signature, and the liberal sprinkling of double sharps didn’t help. I think I penciled in about half the note names here!

The next one up in this book is in a much friendlier key, so hopefully I’ll learn that one quickly and see you again very soon!

Köher: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 6

Time for another slightly-belated Etude of the Week post! I actually recorded this one yesterday, but then I totally forgot to do anything with the recording. I’m really enjoying this book – all the etudes are really fun and interesting.

I seem to have gotten stuck in the middle of the Andersen book I’m also working on, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to it and get unstuck!

Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 13

Yay! I’ve reached the halfway point in Andersen Op.37! The worst keys are finished!

As with a lot of these etudes, one big challenge in this one is playing musically even though it’s pretty repetitive. F-sharp major isn’t typically a whole lot of fun, but in this etude it fits pretty nicely under the fingers so it definitely wasn’t as painful as it could have been. I went back to using my Zoom H2 recorder this time, and I think it does a better job picking up dynamics and nuances in tone color. The big drawback is that it also picks up all the noisy breaths, my current problem area!

I hope to be back tomorrow with No. 14! See you then!

Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 5

Here’s another belated Etude of the Week post- I’m afraid this is becoming a bit of a pattern! This one had a couple tricky spots, but it actually came together more quickly than I expected. There are still a couple spots that are little rough, but it’s time to move on from this one so I can get caught up!

See you tomorrow for some Andersen!

Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 12

TGIF! I’m trying to get back on a more regular etude schedule, so here’s the just-barely-better-than-sightreading version of No. 12 in G sharp minor. This one isn’t too bad in terms of tempo and technique, but finding places to breathe and making all the repetition sound interesting are more of a challenge. The phone was closer to me than usual which amplifies the breaths, but I definitely want to work on breathing more quietly. I’m pretty proud of myself for not getting distracted and falling apart when my husband wandered down the stairs and directly behind my music!

For the knitting fans out there, I’m wearing my Donner pullover by Elizabeth Doherty. Someday I’ll get to wear my cool stuff out into the real world, but until then – more etudes! See you again soon!

Andersen: 26 Small Caprices, Op. 37 – No. 11

Finally, another Andersen etude!

I feel like I’ve been stuck on No. 11 for ages – the busyness of the last couple weeks has kept me from spending as much time practicing as I would have liked. Life happens!

Overall I’m fairly pleased that I managed to get the fingers under control in this super awesome key of B major. There’s one horrifyingly sharp C# that I definitely wish I could fix, but it gives me something to pay attention to for future etudes.

Hopefully now that I’m past the giant obstacle of No. 11 I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule!

Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op. 89 – No. 4

It’s Sunday, so that must mean it’s time for another Etude of the Week post!

This has been an extremely busy week and I haven’t had as much practice time as I would have liked. I really enjoy this etude and wish I had been able to give it more attention, but this turned out to be a situation where my multiple attempts at recording were the bulk of my practicing. This one has lots of opportunities for big drama- it reminded me of silent movie music! I hope I was able to capture some of that in this recording.

I know I’ve neglected the Andersen book this week, but I’m hoping to get back into the groove with those etudes tomorrow!