Köhler: 22 Etudes d’expression, Op . 89 – No. 10

Finally, an Etude of the Week post that’s not at the last minute! After the really difficult etudes in the middle of this book, this is a super fun one! G minor is a pretty friendly key so I was able to put this one together reasonably quickly. I’ve hardly played my metal head joint at all lately, so the biggest issue for me this time around was balance – when I use the wood one it makes the flute more top-heavy. I’m not as used to the lighter weight right now so my hands and arms felt funny!

This set is called 22 Etudes d’expression but it’s split into two separate volumes, so we’re very close to being done with this book! The EOTW group on Facebook will vote to do something different after this, and it will be nice to have a change of pace. I’ll come back to the other half of Op. 89 eventually!

See you soon!

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