Köhler: Etudes d’expression Op. 89 – No. 1

It’s time to start a new book in the Etude of the Week group! This time the group voted for Ernesto Köhler’s Etudes d’Expression Op. 89, which was a book I hadn’t heard of. If the rest of it is anything like this first etude, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

As it says in the title, these studies are all about expression, so it was fun to play with different characters. There are lots of opportunities for dynamic contrast, but between the quality of my iPhone recording and the sound of the washing machine upstairs, I’m not sure how well that translated in this recording. One thing I noticed while practicing this was a tendency to use my vibrato to subdivide, so I’d like to work on varying its speed and making it feel more organic.

See you soon for more of the Andersen etudes!

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