Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 18

Hello on a very stormy Saturday! Since today’s etude is another very short one, I decided this would be a good time to play back-to-back on both head joints. I’ve mostly been playing the Rodger Young grenadilla head joint lately, but today I did my entire warm up on the Powell 14K Arumite head joint that came with my flute. I hadn’t planned to play on the wood head joint at all today but as I was finishing up the first part of the recording I decided to give it a shot.

The second half of this video was recorded with only a couple minutes of warm up on that head joint, but I can tell that I feel more comfortable and confident on it. I didn’t mean to, but I even played faster for that version! I can definitely hear differences in the sound and articulation between the two head joints – please comment and let me know what you think!

Moyse & Donjon Double Header!

I was feeling good during today’s recording, so you get two etudes today! First up, from Moyse 24 Petites Études Mélodiques, here’s Number 16:

This one is a great low register exercise (students: it’s about aim, not force!) especially for the double tonguing variation. It kind of feels like playing Chant de Linos but less fun- I’m glad to be done untangling all the A sharps in this one! It was a great articulation warm up for this week’s Etude of the Week, Donjon No. 7 Le Follet:

Thanks for listening, and see you tomorrow!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 15

Things I learned while working on this etude:

  • Make sure it’s light enough inside so your video doesn’t come out blurry and weird.
  • Don’t skip your articulation warm ups!
  • Probably a good idea not to skip the harmonics either.
  • Record your etude earlier in the day instead of when you’re tired from teaching all your Zoom lessons.
  • Don’t declare to your blog/the world that you’ll post an etude a day on the eve of your busiest day of the week.

This one was a little repetitive, but still a good workout for clean tonguing with as few cracked notes as possible. I’m happy to start moving back toward easier keys soon!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 14

Here’s the shortest etude yet! That’s probably a good thing, since D sharp minor is everyone’s favorite key. The big challenges in this one were making sure the intervals stayed as smooth as possible and keeping track of all those pesky double sharps. Despite its length, this one felt like a real workout!

I’d like to try to maintain an etude-per-day pace through the rest of this book and other books with shorter studies, so I’ll see you tomorrow for the next one!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 13

With etude number 13, I’m past the halfway point for this book!

I really loved playing this one. It’s a lovely melody and this one is great for experimenting with different tone colors. I tried to do something different with each variation, which I hope came through a bit in the recording. The high F sharps (always treacherous!) could have been smoother and clearer, so I’ll have to keep revisiting this with that goal in mind.

Extra special bonus: the beginning of the last variation sounds a little like Simple Gifts!

See you tomorrow for another Sunday installment of Etude of the Week!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 12

Another very short etude today! I love that the etudes in this book cram a lot of musical and technical challenges into such small, elegant packages. This one in particular fits in nicely with the other practicing I did today for Etude of the Week. Both this and the current Donjon etude need beautiful light tonguing without too much force- this one has the added bonus of being in my least favorite register of the flute. Top of the staff = lots of cracks if I’m not very careful!

TGIF! Thanks for listening!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 11

Another quick one-take recording before lessons today! Wednesdays are typically my busiest day and I keep finding myself running out of time to do a solid warm up, and I think that’s evident here in some of the higher notes. Still, this is a pretty little etude and I sure was happy to come back to the wooden head joint after a few days away from it.

Thanks for listening, and see you tomorrow!

Moyse: 24 Petites Études Mélodiques – No. 10

Hello on a metal head joint day! This etude is great for working on the low register, which I feel is weaker on this head joint than on my wooden one. As always with all these octave leap variations, lots of chances to check intonation! This one also has an interesting phrasing challenge- it has two measure phrases throughout, so keeping the last three measure phrase from feeling lopsided was on my mind at the end of each variation.

Thanks for listening, and see you tomorrow for more!